Who is Tim Deater aka TDATS

With well over 10 years of support to the IT industry, I am your go-to person for any technology related issues. I have provided technical support to police agencies, schools, governments, private businesses, theatrical productions and many people. I specialize in computer repair and in radio communications. I am an active participant on emergency management, both for my primary county and for the surrounding district. I am available for hire. Just give me a call or an email and we can discuss what you want.

Ham Radio I have been a technician level amateur radio operator since 1999. I have been a general class operator since 2008. KC8MSE Currently, I am the ARRL amateur radio emergency coordinator and the Skywarn coordinator for Newaygo County. I also am a member of the West Central Michigan Emergency Management Support Team.

Outside Work
I do technical work for anyone that needs assistance. Please get a hold of me if there is anything I can assist with.

Contrary to popular belief, I do get out of work every once in a while. I enjoy Geocaching and can be found on the cache hunt as The Deater Family.

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You can also find my mother out caching New Mexico:
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The best way to keep up with what is going on in the Deater life is to stay tuned to my Face Book page. You can always send me an email.

For anyone that has ever wondered, TDATS stands for Tim Deater Advanced Technology Support. It is a name I came up with many years ago while working on some website development with Jessica Brooks, and it just stuck. She helped me design the logo that I have used ever since. Yes, it is similar to NCATS, Newaygo County Advanced Technology Services, where I work. NCATS is the IT division of the NC RESA, also known as the Newaygo County Regional Educational Service Agency.

Completed IS courses:
IS-1 IS-2 IS-5 IS-10 IS-11 IS-15 IS-22 IS-55 IS-100 IS-195 IS-200 IS-230 IS-271 IS-275 IS-288 IS-300 IS-362 IS-400 IS-700 IS-701 IS-702 IS-703 IS-704 IS-775 IS-800