For Newaygo County ham radio emergency communications, check out www.newaygoares.org.

One of the primary missions of ham radio is public service providing communications support in disasters. Hams have been responsible for saving countless lives in times of disaster when traditional means of communications may be overloaded or nonfunctional. This has been proven time and again, as events on September 11, 2001 and Hurricane Katrina have shown.

Email Wes Bustraan, W8WJB at ec@newaygoares.org for more information.

Saturday Breakfast

There is a ham radio breakfast get-together on the second Saturday of every month at McDonalds in Fremont. It starts at 8:00am. Everyone is invited, licence or not.


Newaygo County Emergency Management coordinates a community CERT team for Newaygo County. This is where you want to be if you want to volunteer to help out for disasters and other events. You can find out more by visiting the county Emergency Services page at http://www.countyofnewaygo.com/EmergencyServices.aspx. If you join our team, you will receive training in emergency prepardness, disaster operations, first aid, search and rescue, communications and many other skills. We are always looking for good people.